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Gesundheitstourismus in die Türkei trotz Pandemie gestiegen
Медицинский туризм принес Турции более $1,6 млрд в 2019 году
Turquía, la estrella brillante del mundo en el turismo de salud
La Turquie, l’étoile montante du tourisme médical
Turkey eyes $1 bln in health tourism revenue this year
Health tourism earns above $1B to Turkey in 2019, under spotlight with COVID-19
The World Tourism Organization and CCN International Commercial (CNNIC) start a new campaign: #RESTARTTOURISM
Social immunity can’t be achived in 2021
Turkey sends aid to nearly 30 countries in fight against Covid-19
Turkish PPE finally arrives at Istanbul airport en route to UK
Turkey to help Bosnia combat COVID-19 outbreak
Italy, Spain thank Turkey for medical aid
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