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Gesundheitstourismus in die Türkei trotz Pandemie gestiegen
Медицинский туризм принес Турции более $1,6 млрд в 2019 году
Turquía, la estrella brillante del mundo en el turismo de salud
La Turquie, l’étoile montante du tourisme médical
Turkey eyes $1 bln in health tourism revenue this year
Health tourism earns above $1B to Turkey in 2019, under spotlight with COVID-19
The World Tourism Organization and CCN International Commercial (CNNIC) start a new campaign: #RESTARTTOURISM
Social immunity can’t be achived in 2021
Turkey sends aid to nearly 30 countries in fight against Covid-19
Turkish PPE finally arrives at Istanbul airport en route to UK
Turkey to help Bosnia combat COVID-19 outbreak
Italy, Spain thank Turkey for medical aid
Coronavirus: RAF plane en route to Turkey amid row over NHS kit
Turkey delivers medical aid to UK to help fight virus
HELPING HAND Turkey sends planeloads of coronavirus emergency equipment to the UK to help medics on the frontline
More than 50 percent of the health tourists coming to our country are European
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